After Donald Trump’s commanding victory over his rivals on Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment launched an all-out political offensive to discredit and dismantle him.

On Thursday morning at the University of Utah, Mitt Romney gave a blistering speech in which he lambasted Trump’s credibility as a potential presidential candidate.

If we choose Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.

Facing an all but certain Trump nomination, “Old Guard” Republicans are setting to task their fiercest political players in a desperate attempt at stemming the tide of an increasingly anti-establishment Republican political movement. With Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich’s concentrated attacks falling flat, Republican party hardliners are hoping Mitt Romney’s polish and enduring respect among traditional conservative voters stand a better chance at derailing Trump’s momentum.

Mitt Romney on the attack

For nearly 15 minutes, Romney unleashed a well-rehearsed tirade calling into question nearly everything about Trump, from his self-proclaimed legacy as a successful and honest businessman to his viability as a president during times of great economic and geopolitical upheaval. Romney went on to highlight Trump’s “bombast in alarming our allies” and foreign policy shortsightedness when during a disastrous 60 Minutes interview Trump stated that he would “let ISIS take out Assad, and then we can pick-up the remnants.

According to political pundit Gabriel Sherman, Romney’s speech hints at a possible run for the nomination, especially in light of Kruz, Kasich, and Rubio’s continued failure in gaining meaningful political ground against Trump. During Thursday’s speech, Romney also attacked Hillary Clinton when he criticized her for comprising “our national secrets” and for representing the very “intersection of money and politics.” Romney round three, anyone?