Ramos Hillary Clinton

During Wednesday night’s Washington Post/Univision debate, Senator Hillary Clinton stood her ground and then some when commentator Jorge Ramos needled her on those “damn emails.”

When Ramos asked Clinton whether or not “President Barack Obama specifically gave [her] permission” to use a private email server, Clinton stuck to her narrative in explaining that the 104 emails were not classified at the time of their handling and that there were no rules against the practice.

Ramos then followed up with “If you get indicted, would you drop out?” to which Clinton responded, “Oh for goodness sake. It’s not going to happen. I’m not even answering that question.” Check out the heated exchange in the following video excerpt from CNN:

Following the exchange, Ramos tried to bate Sanders into commenting on the topic. The Vermont senator, however, responded simply by saying, “It is a process, and it will take its course.”


  1. Mrs. Clinton, when did you stop torturing children?

    Senator Sanders: Do you like bunnies and puppies?

    Yeah, that was a fair debate.

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