Even casual observers of electoral politics today will no doubt find the headline laughable. Indeed, after eight years of the Obama administration, Congressional sequestration, Tea Parties, Wall Street occupation, #BlackLivesMatter and the ascent of failed businessman and realty TV star Donald Trump to the leading contender for the GOP nomination can’t help but inspire an assessment of political quagmire. Oddly enough, these items also support my point, that the last, best hope for saving the legacy of Lincoln and Eisenhower might rest on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton. Far fetched? Maybe, but look at what the GOP has turned into.

Republican buffoonery, exhibit infinity

Following the jackassery of the George W. Bush years, the Republican party adopted a no compromise, do-nothing strategy to bend President Obama and the Democrats to their will. Mitch McConnell’s procla
mation that the party’s top goal was to make Obama a “one-term president” only confirmed as much. For a while, the strategy worked, which even involved the Democrats in 2010 who accused Obama of being weak, comparing him to Jimmy Carter, questioning his leadership abilities, and even encouraging Hillary Clinton to challenge him for the nomination in 2012. But the Republican approach of obstruction backfired in the long term, and as Obama rallied Democrats to become one of the most successful presidents in history, the GOP managed only to decimate itself.

For further proof, recall that John Boehner lost his role of Speaker of the House after becoming known as one of the worst speakers in recent memory (and considering his GOP predecessor Dennis Hastert was an accidental speaker to begin with, leaving amid a sex scandal, is in itself rather telling). Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader with an eye on boss Boehner’s job, lost reelection to a primary challenger from the Tea Party. Jeb Bush, bred and groomed for a White House bid his entire life, couldn’t even make his campaign last until Super Tuesday. Meanwhile, demagogue Ted Cruz proceeded to make a name for himself reading Green Eggs and Ham on the floor of the Senate, then going on to win several 2016 primaries (and possibly eat a booger during a live debate).

Then there’s Senator Marco Rubio’s career trajectory. He went from being a young, hot rising star of the party to a joke, resembling an animatronic from the Hall of Presidents than someone with a legitimate chance of occupying the White House. Professional blowhard Trump, of course, continues to win votes by adopting bullying rhetoric, imitating Mussolini and talking about the size of his penis on the debate stage.

Towards a path of political salvation

All of this presents a golden opportunity for Democrats, in particular Hillary Clinton, who is often accused of being too pragmatic of a politician. With Mitch McConnell and former GOP White House aspirant Mitt Romney denouncing Trump as detrimental to the United States and all but endorsing Ms. Clinton, the former Secretary of State has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand the tent of the Democratic party. Call it a coalition of sanity: a group of politicians and voters of all races and classes who want
to see America succeed and solve her problems rather than scream and posture for cameras.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New YorkGOP voters and politicians disaffected by the rise of crypto-fascist Trump could defect from the Republican party to form a new, moderate-left Democratic party. Clinton’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, only makes her job easier: as head of a neo-socialist movement of intellectuals and youth, Sanders could make European-style socialism a legitimate political force in the United States. The two parties could put forward a new array of political candidates and actually partner to expand Obamacare, fight terrorism abroad, balance the budget, confront climate change and place a new emphasis on science in primary education. And all this while Donald Trump’s GOP self destructs.

The option of joining forces and moving forward is not that of Hillary Clinton alone–it’s also that of the few Republican politicians who actually want to work to better their country. While some might choose to stay aboard the sinking USS Crazypants, if they do so, they should also recognize that support for the GOP isn’t just eroding, it’s imploding. Republicans with souls, get to the lifeboats while you can!