Bill Maher

Tonight, Bill Maher provided his assessment of Donald Trump, comparing him to that “pain-in-the-ass kid who ever sat behind you on a plane kicking the back of your seat, while the parents did nothing..‘Little Logan is just exploring.’ No, ‘Little Logan’ is being a d*ck and if you won’t shove him in the overhead bin, I will.”

Maher went on to blame the popularity of Trump to the self-esteem movement of the past few decades that raised generations of people with too much confidence and an inability to check their opinions and behavior in the face of facts.

Trump is the perfect candidate for the country that scores low in math and science, but off the charts in self esteem.

And as fortunate as we are to bask in the ribald comedy of Bill Maher, the portent of a Donald Trump presidency is too frightening to consider even for a moment.